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All of us at Station Ski and Ride are passionate about skis, snowboards, boots, accessories and all the goods and services that go into making skiing and snowboarding an enjoyable and rewarding sport. And we are equally passionate about the bikes we sell, the services we provide and the fun it creates.

Both these winter and summer outdoor undertakings, great on their own, also create opportunities for families to share in their enjoyment and celebrate the company of each other.

In our first decade of operation we earned an enviable reputation for the services we provide in the selection, fitting and preparation of the goods we sell. We became known and new customers came from quite far away to take advantage of the knowledge, skills and support we can provide to them and their sport.

We have established our roots in Markham, but we serve a large area of avid skiers and snowboarders, in the winter, and both local and distant bicycle riders in the summer, both of whom want to more fully enjoy their winter or summer pursuits, and get the most from them.

We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge of the elements that contribute to a rewarding experience in these recreational activities, the skills we have in bringing together our customers, their experience and their goals, with the gear, fit and services they need to achieve their objectives, and with the confidence and comfort that will encourage them along their journey.

We carry leading brands of superior merchandise, and are often chosen by manufacturers to properly present their goods to potential customers, just as we choose them as a superior product that we can offer. Couple that with deep direct product and sport knowledge, a real interest in getting to appreciate the customer’s experience and current needs, and having both the time and ability to pull all that together and we get to provide the level of customer service he or she deserves.

We strive to provide the world-class service on which we have anchored our success to all our customers and the word has gotten around that this is what we do and this is the place we do it.

We know that you want to get it right, and so do we.

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227 Main St Markham N, Unit 7 Markham, Ontario L3P 1Y6


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Station Ski & Ride is your local, world class source for Bikes in the Summer and Skis, Boards, Boots, Clothing and Accessories in the Fall and Winter seasons.

We pride ourselves on product knowledge and quality, and on providing exceptional customer service and expert support.

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Monday to Friday - 12 Noon to 7pm

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