Boot Fitting

Professional Fitting for Your Ski and Snowboard Boots.

The Right Ski Boots Make the Difference

At Station Ski and Ride we take fitting boots very seriously. Your ski and snowboard boots are what connect you to your equipment and the desired physical and communication links to your ski or board.

Properly fitted your boots provide the critical muscle and sense communication needed for precise control.

If not properly fitted control and comfort will both be compromised, as will your overall experience.

However, properly fitted your day on the hill will be far more enjoyable, and you will be well on your way to reaching your potential on the snow. Whether you’re an expert, or if it’s your first time on the slopes, your boots, and their fit, will make a huge difference.

If you’ve had problems with cold and sore feet, blackened toenails, bunions and bone spurs we can help.

Or, if you never had someone who knows how to properly fit your boots actually do it, come in and have one of our fitters deliver the awesome experience that custom boot fitting is all about.

Common Boot Problems

  • Arch pain & cramping
  • Forefoot cramping & numbness
  • Shin pressure & pain
  • Ankle & heel slop
  • Poor edge control
  • Cold feet

Everyone’s foot has a different shape, volume, arch, and instep. It’s important to find a ski boot that matches the actual shape of your foot. We spend time considering all of the different types of feet we’ve fitted and what type of boot would fit those shapes best. That’s an important factor in choosing the boots we’re going to carry.

Sometimes, however, we still have to manipulate the original shape of the boot to properly match the foot and provide additional, custom, support so that the foot is integrated and properly fits the boot. The boot then becomes your comfortable and efficient physical and sensory link to the ski. This is what custom fitting is all about.

Our Boot Fitting Process

We start with a foot exam, look at the shape of your foot, how your foot moves, as well as measuring its length, width and overall volume.

We also carefully examine the unique dynamics of your stance and how that might need to be supported and corrected for a perfect fit inside the boot. The entire process takes about an hour.

We set you up for success by picking the right foot bed and sock to make the most out of your boot fit and on-ski performance.

We use Sidas custom and 3D moulded inserts, or Superfeet custom foot beds, to correct your stance and provide the ultimate customized fit for maximum support, power transmission and edge control.

The custom, computer created, insoles and stabilizer beds capture your foot’s unique shape and transpose it to properly match the design shape of the boot.

Let Us Fit You

Take advantage of some of the other great products we have, like boot dryers and heaters. They will help to keep your Ski or Snowboard boots warm and comfortable even on the coldest of days.

Come in and let us fit you. Experience the improvement on the hill for yourself. Our boots and fit guarantee should give you the peace of mind to ski with greater control and confidence in your new, custom fitted, boots.

Boot Fitting for More Fun Playing in the Snow!

Get Ready for Comfort. Visit Us Today and Experience the Comfort of Custom Fitted Boots.

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