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COVID-19 Store Best Practices

In these challenging times we are working hard to provide a safe shopping and service environment for our customers and staff. We are employing applicable “best practices” as recommended by government and health officials at this time. This involves adopting guidelines such as those relating to creating a safe “social-distance” between individual customers and between customers and staff, necessitating management of the number of persons we can safely accommodate in our store at any one time, and applying their guidance with regard to the necessity of the visit to our store.

As such, we are now limiting the number of customers we can accommodate at any given time to those that can maintain the social-distance guidelines both inside and outside of the store, assuming the customer is prepared to wait for a space to open up. We suggest that if you do not have equipment to drop off for tuning or repair, or are intent on purchasing certain goods or accessories you have determined you need, that you postpone your visit to some later time and not delay customers who have come to the store with some particular purchase or service in mind.

If you are not feeling well, have any of the symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus or have recently arrived from abroad and have not completed the required quarantine requirements, we ask that you not enter the store and jeopardize the health of other customers or our staff.

Internally, we are following measures adopted by the general business community and have implemented several precautionary measures following their lead, but also paying particular attention to where we could expand or improve those precautionary measures that could apply to our business and operation.

  • We are extensively cleaning all hard surfaces, and contact points, in the store several times each day, and whenever in use.
  • We have restricted the use of our bathroom to our staff to further minimize transmission.
  • We have reduced our hours of operation to lessen the hours of staff and customer interaction, while maintaining the superior level of customer service that you have come to expect.
  • We have an effective point-of-sale system with many payment options, such as Debit and Credit Card, and, given the risk associated with the handling of circulated money, will not accept cash for purchase of goods or services.
  • We will be practicing social-distancing guidelines and minimizing unprotected touching to the extent possible during your visit, but we will still provide the best in advice, guidance, service and customer support.

These precautions and restrictions are in place to deny the COVID-19 virus the opportunity to further infect our customers or staff when doing business with Station Ski & Ride. We will appreciate your compliance and contribution to the increased safety of others in our community.

227 Main St Markham N, Unit 7 Markham, Ontario L3P 1Y6


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