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Gearing Up The Kids

Suit up the Kids this winter for some great family fun!

Skiing is a great family winter activity. Skiing is a sport the whole family can do together, regardless of the age or skill level each family member.

Setting up your family with the right equipment is the first step for your children to begin to love skiing and snowboarding and taking part in the sport with you.

No one likes doing anything outside in the winter if they are cold, or if their feet hurt. If your ski or snowboard is the wrong length, or it’s too stiff, it can make it much harder to learn the sport, and much more difficult to enjoy.

And the harder it is to learn something the more likely it is that you’re not going to be excited to do it, or to do it well.

With the proper equipment your family will be outside on the hill, instead of inside in the rental line or in the Lodge trying to make the boots fit or your feet warm. That’s not fun for anyone.

What is fun is for the family to be able to enjoy this sport together, with everyone having fun at their own level. We can help with that.

We have all the Ski Gear for Your Family this Winter.

Come in and check out our large selection of children’s wear from great hats, socks and gloves. We have every major brand of ski and snowboard jackets suits and pants too.

You will find that we have something for the whole family and a real interest in seeing that what you get from us is both proper and appropriate for every family member.

At Station Ski & Ride we provide good prices, better products and the best service.

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