Precision Bike Fitting

Optimize your riding position for efficiency and comfort with Precision Fit.

Precision fit? Why We Have It – Why You Should Too!

Precision Fit is a personal investment in the overall enjoyment of your bicycle.
A proper fit helps you get there by optimizing your riding position for efficiency and comfort.

While Precision Fit was developed to generate maximum power on the pedals with maximum efficiency, it also provides maximum comfort and has much wider application as well.

Pain is not a normal part of cycling. While there is no one-stop fix for chronic discomfort and the poor performance that comes with it, high-tech analysis and the knowledge of trained professionals can go a long way to improving your overall experience on a bike.

High-tech analysis applied to your body, bike and riding style is where Precision Fit comes in. It involves a discussion, evaluation, and analysis that leads to exclusive solutions to the unique challenges and needs of individual cyclists.

Your Goals and Objectives

The Fit process involves Anatomical Analysis, discussion of Goals and Objectives, paired with Amazing Technology, all designed to quantify and fine-tune every element related to a rider’s comfort and performance.

Advanced sports science analyses, and the technologies that can identify and quantify both preference and performance are available to anyone seeking to get more enjoyment out of their bicycle and can even be used as a precise
simulator for any bike you are considering, so that you can actually “ride” that bike and experience the performance and comfort you would achieve.

The central analysis device is the Fit Bike, a complex custom designed tool that allows for a wide range of adjustments linked with custom software to analyze everything from power to positioning.

We even have Saddle Pressure Analysis. Comfort and position in no longer entirely a subjective assessment, by how it “feels”.

Using this tool, we can identify where your pressure points are and which ones may be problematic. We can make adjustments down to the millimeter, and continually evaluate their effectiveness in improving positioning, power and comfort on the bike.

Our Motion Capture/Dynamic Analysis tool-set is used to identify the subtlest elements of your pedal stroke and positioning analysis, and our software, allows us to conduct an analysis of your bio-mechanics and movement that simply cannot be done by looking on.

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We’re Precision Fit Certified

Precision Fit is only available at certified retailers who, like us, are home to the best trained technicians and the most precise fitting tools.
With our expertise and Precision Fit tools you’ll ride more often with noticeable gains in comfort and performance.

You will see the difference for yourself, and your inner cyclist will be glad you did.

Precision Fit Pricing

We have four precision fit process options to choose from.

Full Fit

for Road Bikes


Full Fit

without Seat Mapping


Seat Mapping

for Road Bikes


Full Fit

for Flat Bar Bikes


Optimize Your Ride with a Precision Fitting Today

To discuss the Precision Fit process or arrange an appointment contact Alex Tesoro, a graduate of Trek’s Precision Fit training program, at 905-471-7547 or by email.

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